Lending With Poor Credit Score

When cash seems like everything you need, having poor credit score, or in other words is below average credit score, looks much worse than having a bad relation. Literary it is true, because sometimes below average credit score is what makes bad relation. And, furthermore it is what avoiding you from any prospect of having a good relation in the future. Yes, when they say that money is everything, now money seems turns out credit then credit becomes pretty much everything. When your credit history is bad, then everything seems bad. When your credit history does not really make you proud, everything seems blocked out for you. New way is not open for you and even if they do, they always watch over you. At bad credit time, looks like only rich people without debt records that able to enjoy good opportunities.

The main problem with below average credit score is it sticks to our life like a permanent stamp. All those institution related with financial matters seem connected firmly, and have conspired to sabotage all those with bad credit history without considering how they could be in such credit history. Some people did really make a mistake with their past credit, yet others are just a victim of somehow cruel and indiscriminative credit system. Yet, even those that make a mistake are still learning. Unfortunately, once you have a bad credit history, whatever your reason is and despite of it is justifiable or not, you will always be considered a credit danger. They ask you many things and take quite a long time to examine your application, yet they still give you an insignificant amount, or, to the worse, give you nothing at all except the answer of no. One with bad credit history seems has to go with them for forever, with no mechanism to clear it off. At the same time, today economic condition seems giving us no choice but making credit as one of the ways out.

It is either to clear off your credit history or make a new one, a much healthier one to be able to start all over again. The first one may not possible, because we know that, they record it really well and the system is able to keep them to even decades later, and they are integrated to all. The second one seems like a vey ideal choice, and for some it even sounds like a heaven door. They still debate about heaven existence, but kind cash loan does really exist. Its thing in common with heaven door is just one should seek to find it, but in cash loan case, it is not that hard. No need to worry because this time, your applications will really be matter. Time you use filling it will not go wasted, as they consider it more than your credit past. History might not be forgotten, but one can always have a fresh start to fix all and have a much better story ahead.


How to Get Money in the Short Time in Simple Way

Have you face the hardships in your life? What kind of hardships that you have in your life? Well, I believe that everyone in this life has ever experienced of having the hardships in their life. There is no people in this life who always have the happy life. Even the richest person, we do believe that they also face some problems in their life. Having hardships or problems in the life is such a common thing that we can face in everyday life also. It is a normal thing that everyone will completely face since life is such an upside and down thing. There will be the happiness and the sadness in life. Sadness and happiness are like the binary opposition that we will find in our life.

The hardships that everyone faces also can be different from one to another one. For instance, if you are not really have the good condition for the economy condition, commonly the problem can come from the financial. Because we are lack of money for instance, we will have the difficulty to complete our needs. Sometimes, when we are in the urgent condition such as when our children are sick, we need to bring them to the hospital to get the medical treatment. It is very urgent, if our children do not get any medical treatment, we commonly will be afraid that something bad will be happened to our children. Of course, you do not want that kind of bad thing happened to your children, right?

That’s why here we need to make sure that we can have the money for completing the needs. When you face this kind of condition, what you need to do is being relaxed. Remember, when you are in the confused condition, you cannot think well what you should do to get the money for paying the medical treatment for your children. Of course, you do not want to face the bad condition for the children, right? If you have the money savings, it is the solution. But not all of people have the money savings due to many cases. If you are becoming one of them, what you need to do is choosing the right cash loans that will help you to complete your urgent needs.

Commonly, people will choose to have the money loans from bank since bank always have the money that you need to be borrowed. But do you think that you can get the money loans in the urgent time? We know that getting the money loans from banks need some complicated process. If you really need it in the short time, I am not suggesting you to choose banks. You can choose money cash loans that will help you to get the money that you need in the short time. You do not need to think complicatedly anymore to get the money. You will get the money that you want in the short time and you can use it for completing the needs for financing your children’s medical treatment in the hospital. If you are interested, you can click http://www.topratedcashloans.net/cash-loans-without-credit-checks for the further information.









Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You

When you operate a small business, you’re likely searching for brand-new methods for you to market your company and obtain new clients. On the other hand, you might also need to think of ensuring consumers can locate you by themselves. In case you have a website, you are going to need to be sure that all the shoppers can find that website without the need of hitting an ad or even watching your tv commercial. This implies making sure that if they perform an internet search over the internet they are going to see your internet site towards the top of the results.

In case you were to accomplish a web search utilizing a key phrase that’s related to your business, it’s likely that you are not going to notice your web-site on the very first page. This means your potential buyers are not likely to see it either. If it isn’t on the initial page, they’re most likely not going to go through the pages until they locate your business. They’re going to click one at the top of the pages. To repair this situation, you’ll want to start using a business that offers seo boston services. These services can help your web site surge in position and be viewed on the initial page for almost any search phrases linked to your company.

A local seo boston organization will certainly know precisely how to accomplish that for you. They’ll utilize a variety of seo methods to be able to optimize your internet site as well as be sure it’s at the top of the outcomes quickly. As soon as they’ve assisted you to get your site up to the top, they are going to also help you to ensure that it continues to be there. This is often complex as well as time-consuming, thus it’s always an excellent idea to permit a seo boston ma firm help you with it. They already have the ability and also practical experience in order to make certain everything is completed effectively and rapidly.

In case you are all set to ensure that your organization can be seen inside the search engine results via the internet, ensure you utilize a organization which is going to enable you to get results quickly. A single company you could be thinking about is gold promotion. It is possible to check out their own website or even contact them for more information on how they may help you. As soon as you’re ready, they are going to work tirelessly in order to help you to make sure your web site is easily observed when a person searches for a search phrase that’s relevant to your organization.

Bad Credit Score Loans Solution

Credit score is always something which you have to get along when you want to apply for new loans application in banks. But, as you have so many needs to fulfil you will also face the fact that you cannot get them all at once. This makes many people are usually applying for new loans to new banks. But, if they have poor credit score, this might be an obstacle for them in order to get fresh money. So, how is the solution for it? No Credit Check Personal Loans can be an answer for that.

Most of people with bad credit score is giving their score to be really considerable. It is actually a need for them to get consulted with Unsecured Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit. This is a great way for you to apply for a new loans application without having to be bothered with your credit score. You can also simply browse for them in internet. Well, applying for loans has never been this easy and simple. Besides, there are also some other benefits.

This is a really good thing for you to consider Personal Loans for People with Band Credit when you are looking for fast money in emergency conditions. This condition will be really essential and you have to get the money immediately. There are also so many things you can do in order to make your loans to be effective.

Should you use a prepaid or credit card on holiday?

Prepaid cards are packaged up as a great option for your overseas holiday spending – simply load the card with cash and you’re good to go (with the added reassurance you won’t bust your budget).

Should you use a prepaid or credit card on holiday

But given some of the great credit card deals designed for overseas spending, not to mention the fact your debit card can do the same job, is a prepaid card really necessary? Read on to find out.

Using an existing debit or credit card

With ATMs, retailers and restaurants readily accepting your regular debit card at almost every popular holiday destination, why bother with a prepaid card? Similarly, if you’ve already got a credit card, what’s the point in taking out a new one just to see you through your holiday?

Actually, it’s not that simple. Unless your existing debit or credit card is designed for overseas spending, you’ll have charges slapped on every time you use it abroad – resulting in a more expensive holiday than you thought.

Foreign transaction fees (also known as ‘loading fees) charge around 3% of what you spend in every transaction. And if you pull cash out of an ATM, you’ll be charged between 2% and 3% (or a minimum of £2 or £3) each time.

The ATM fee applies whether you’re using a debit or credit card to withdraw cash. But with the latter, you’ll also start accruing interest the second you take it out. So, even if you clear your whole balance in your next statement, you’ll be charged interest – and typically at a higher rate.

Not only that, any purchases or cash withdrawals you make on your debit or credit card can be subject to a poor rate of exchange, meaning that your pound effectively buys you less.

However, there’s a number of ways you can avoid most, if not all, of these charges – starting with prepaid cards.

How does an overseas prepaid card work?

A prepaid card works in much the same way as a debit or credit card, allowing you to spend wherever VISA or MasterCard is accepted. The only real difference is that you have to load it with cash before you can spend.

This is no bad thing, though – loading it with enough cash to get you through you holiday not only means you can budget effectively and avoid racking up unnecessary debt, it also prevents fraudsters going on an unlimited spending spree should the plastic fall into the wrong hands.

And, so long as you choose the right prepaid card and load it with the correct currency, you should be able to bypass any of the fees associated with other cards.


If you are travelling within Europe for example, the CaxtonFX Euro Card offers free ATM withdrawals and comes with no foreign transaction fees on any purchase you make. The card is free to apply for and free to top up (in euros obviously).

CaxtonFX will take an initial £10 deposit from your debit card on application, but this will be refunded in full the first time you top up. Swap cards again when you land back home though, as it will cost to use this card  in the UK.

For a full range of Euro currency cards check out our comparison page.

Heading Stateside

If you’re travelling to the USA, it follows that you’ll need to get a US dollar currency card. In this case, the my Travel Cash US Dollar card is free to apply for and load (providing you put on at least $40). When you get there it won’t levy charges on over-the-counter purchases nor for taking cash from the ATM anywhere in the dollar zone.

What’s more, you will currently get unlimited 1% cashback on all purchases you make (which could take some of the sting out of overspending) and, if you apply through MoneySuperMarket, you’ll get $10 free when you load £700 or more.

For a full range of US dollar currency cards check out our comparison page.


If your travels take you anywhere outside of the euro or dollar zones, you’ll need a multi-currency prepaid card which you’ll have to load up in pounds. The Kalixa General Travel card is free if you apply through MoneySuperMarket and won’t charge any subsequent fees for purchase or ATM withdrawals.

The my Travel Cash multi-currency card is also entirely free on all fronts (so long as you load at least £25). But, if you want to withdraw pounds from the ATM you’ll be charged at 2.99%. As with the US dollar version of this card, you’ll get an unlimited 1% cashback on everything you spend and, if you apply through MoneySuperMarket, £6 free when you load £700 or more.

For a full range of multi-currency cards check out our comparison page.

Prepaid cards: things to watch out for

When shopping around for a prepaid card, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

– If a prepaid provider allows you to top up using a credit card (and some don’t) you will pretty much always be charged for it. So look for a card that offers free debit card tops ups and never use your credit card to reload.

– When you buy your currency with your debit card which will then be transferred to your prepaid plastic, you’ll be charged at the prevailing exchange rate of the day. The prepaid provider may use the exchange rate employed by MasterCard or VISA, or its own one. Either way, find out what it is first. If it seems high, it could be cheaper tomorrow.

– Prepaid cards have a limited shelf-life, usually of two or three years, and any money you have on the card when it expires will be lost – so try to clear the card by time its expiration date rolls around.

– Finally, spending on a prepaid card isn’t the only way you can bypass foreign transaction fees – you could open a new current account or take out a credit card designed for overseas spending.

For example, the Halifax Clarity Credit Card is probably the best plastic of all to take with you abroad. It’s free to use anywhere in the world – whether you are spending over the counter or withdrawing cash. And if you do overspend it comes with a relatively low APR of just 12.9% (variable).

The best debit card for overseas spending is attached to Norwich and Peterborough’s Gold Classic current account. It charges no fees for overseas spending or cash withdrawal fees wherever you are in the world. But you will need to pay at least £500 a month into the account or keep it in the black to the tune of £5,000 to avoid the £5 per month fee.

Top credit cards to travel with

The lull of autumn, bookended by the hustle of summer and bustle of Christmas, feels like a good time to get away.

Top credit cards to travel withCity breaks also feel like the perfect match for that most introspective of seasons – whether it’s a weekend recharging your batteries in Reykjavik or a few pensive days in picturesque Prague.

What you don’t want to have to worry about while you’re away is money. Take the right credit card with you, and this’ll be a cinch.

The cost of the wrong card

Many cards will land you with huge charges if you use them abroad, bringing you back down to earth with a bump when you get home.

  • Most charge a foreign load fee of around 2.99%, which means spending an unnecessary £3 to every £100 you spend.
  • You’ll pay the same fee if you withdraw cash from a foreign ATM, along with a withdrawal charge of around 2.99% of the amount you take out – though it can be as high as 5%.
  • If that weren’t enough, use a credit card at an ATM and you’ll be charged interest from the day you make the withdrawal. Because this is what’s known as a cash advance, the rate of interest charged is almost always astronomical (around 27%).

But there are cards created specifically for use outside of the UK which don’t sting you with these kinds of charges, making them ideal for your autumn city break.

1. The Halifax Clarity Credit Card

This one’s your best bet. You can use the Halifax Clarity Card anywhere in world without being charged any fees, and that even includes withdrawals from ATMs.

What’s more, if you can’t afford to clear your balance straight away, the card has a relatively low rate of interest at a representative 12.9% APR (variable) – which means the interest you’ll be charged will be a lot lower than average.

2. The Post Office Platinum Credit Card

Use the Post Office Platinum Credit Card overseas and you won’t be charged any fees either. What’s more, there’s no cash advance fee when you use this credit card to buy travel money at the Post Office.

This means if 500 Euros costs you £389 right now, that’s exactly what you’ll pay, without your bill being pumped up with fees.

The Post Office card offers 0% on balance transfers for 18 months, subject to a 2.98% fee, and 0% on purchases for the first three months.

3. The Saga Platinum Credit Card

If you’re aged 50 or over, Saga’s Platinum Credit Card also charges nothing on foreign transactions – so you’ll only pay the face value of the purchase when using the card.

It does come with a 2% fee (or £2 minimum) on cash withdrawals, but provided you clear the balance in the same month, you won’t be charged interest on it.

With that said, even if you’re unable to clear the balance, the card has a relatively low representative APR of 11.9% (variable).

4. The Nationwide Building Society Select Card

The Select Card from Nationwide offers unlimited, commission-free purchases abroad, but is only available to Nationwide current account (that’s FlexAccount, FlexDirect and FlexPlus) customers.

You’ll also get 0% on balance transfers for 26 months, subject to a 2.4% fee, and 0% on purchases for 15 months, as well as unlimited cashback at 0.5% on all Sterling purchases. This means you can pay for all your food and drink while you’re away and then take almost a year and a half to pay it off without being charged interest.

5. Aqua Reward and Aqua Advance cards

If your credit score isn’t perfect, you might struggle to get approved for these cards – but there are other options you can try.

The Aqua Reward and Aqua Advance credit cards – both aimed at those with bad credit scores –  are ideal as they don’t charge load fees anywhere in the world.

The Aqua Reward card actually pays 0.5% cashback on purchases made in the UK to (use it in the airport for all your travel reading), so you can get a slice back of what you send.

The trade-off is that these cards have extremely high representative APRs (34.9%), so if you let your balance linger on into the next month, it could make your debt more difficult to pay off and perhaps worsen your credit score.

Now for the fun bit…

If you’ve not yet booked to go away (tell us if you’re planning to in our this week’s poll) and you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ll find it in spades over in Clare Walsh’s Top 10 autumn city breaks blog.

Don’t miss the best credit card deals of the season!

Don't miss the best credit card deals of the season!

Here’s a summary of what’s happening:

  • Marks and Spencer has shaken things up with a FREE £30 voucher for MoneySuperMarket users who apply by the end of November.
  • MBNA is now offering new customers 24 months to pay back interest-free CASH transferred into their bank account – at a fee of just 2.69% for applications via MoneySuperMarket.
  • Lloyds Bank has come up trumps with a new low-rate credit card that blows the competition out of the water.
  • The Co-op has raised eyebrows by launching a card with a super-low rate on balance transfers and new purchases that’s fixed for three years!
  • NatWest and RBS have boosted their cashback offering on all supermarket spend throughout December

And that’s on top of the many fantastic offers already available.  So with this in mind, and Christmas around the corner, all you need to do is decide which one is the best fit for you. And our at-a-glance guide to the best credit cards should help you do just that:

NEW! M&S Credit Card: Land yourself a free £30

Apply for the M&S Credit Card through us by November 30 and use the card before the end of the year, and you’ll get a £30 M&S voucher to use online or in store.

The card also offers a recently-improved 19 months at 0% on purchases and 15 months at 0% on balance transfers (with a 2.9% fee). Plus shoppers will get one reward point for every £1 spent in M&S and every £2 spent elsewhere. The representative APR is 18.9% (variable).

You can find out more details about this deal with Les Roberts’ article.

NEW! MBNA Platinum Credit Card: Interest-free cash for two years for a super-low fee

This new card from MBNA will pay cash into your account (it’s known as a money transfer card) and won’t charge interest on it for the first two years. All you have to do is make the transfer within 60 days of opening your account, and pay a 2.69% fee (reduced from 4% if you apply through us). If you’re switching debt from another card, you’ll get 32 months’ interest-free. The representative APR is 18.9% (variable).

NEW! Lloyds Bank Low Interest Rate Card: Cheapest low rate card on the market – and for no fee

Lloyds Bank’s new low-rate card, which landed last week, offers one low (variable) rate of 6.45%, which is the best on the market which is great if you don’t want to worry about the clock ticking on a 0% deal. And there’s no balance transfer fee to pay either. The representative APR 18.9% (variable).

NEW! Co-operative Bank’s 3-year fixed rate card: Charges a set rate of 6.9% on all balances

This deal looks like a mortgage at first but it’s actually a credit card which charges a fixed low rate of 6.9% on all new purchases and debt transferred to the card from the word go.

There’s no balance transfer fee to pay and, while the rate is fixed for three years, there’s nothing to stop you paying it off earlier than that.

NEW! RBS and NatWest Cashback Plus credit cards: Boosted cashback on all supermarket spend throughout December

NatWest and RBS Cashback Plus cards usually offer a maximum of 1% on what you spend in supermarkets. But between December 1 and December 31 the providers are boosting this to 2%, or 3% if you pay by contactless – for both new and existing customers. So if you’re hosting Christmas and the checkout bill comes to £200, that’s up to £6 straight back in your pocket.

But, while the NatWest and RBS 3% offering beats Santander’s 1% cashback on supermarket spend, it doesn’t extend to petrol forecourts. And, as you’ll see below, Santander pays 3% on fuel spend (capped at £9 a month).

So what’s already out there?

These deals join some crackers that are already out there. Here’s some of our favourites:

Christmas crackers

Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card with Extended Balance Transfer: Still the longest 0% shelter for balance transfers!

This classic balance transfer card from Barclaycard offers a leading 34 months at 0% debt switched to the card, plus nine months at 0% on purchases. The transfer fee is 2.99% but if you are looking for the maximum time to repay card debt, this is a winner. The representative APR is 18.9% (variable).

Halifax Purchase Credit Card: If you’re going to whack it on the plastic this Christmas, this is the longest 0% deal on purchases

This purchase card from Halifax offers a recently-improved 20 months at 0% on purchases – perfect for spreading the cost of a Christmas shopping spree. But of course, it’s even better to get through Christmas without borrowing. The representative APR is 18.9% (variable).

American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card: If you’re braced for big spending this Christmas and intend to clear your balance

This card from Amex pays an incredible 5% cashback for the first three months – perfect for festive spending – and up to 1.25% from then on. It’s fee-free too although you only qualify for cashback if you spend at least £3,000 a year. The representative APR is 19.9% (variable).

Santander 123 Credit Card: For all-year-round cash back in your pocket and the first 18 months’ purchases at 0%

The Santander 123 credit card pays you 1% cashback on supermarket purchases, 2% cashback at all major department stores, and 3% cashback on fuel, National Rail and Transport for London travel.

You also pay 0% on purchases for the first 18 months. However, unless you have a Santander 123 current account, it comes with a £24 annual fee. The representative APR is 16.5% (variable).

Focus on: Run up debt on your Barclaycard? Your life just got easier

If you’ve accumulated debt on a Barclaycard (easy to do at this time of year) and you are looking for the longest time possible to pay it off, you can end up in a bit of a tight spot.

Run up debt on your Barclaycard?

Why? Because you can’t transfer debt to a 0% balance transfer card that is operated by the same provider – and Barclaycard tends to offer the very best deals in this camp.

But things have taken a surprise turn.

HSBC – not usually even a contender in the 0% balance transfer market – has swooped in with a credit card deal that matches the 34 months interest-free period offered by Barclaycard. In other words, if you have Barclaycard debt, you now have a new 0% interest home for it which is also the longest term available.

What’s the deal?

The HSBC credit card now charges NO INTEREST on balance transfers for 34 months. This means it’s as good as the table-topping Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card with Extended Balance Transfer.

However, the reason it is number two and not number one on our balance transfer tables is because the fee is higher – you’ll be charged 3.3% of the sum transferred with HSBC rather than 2.99% with Barclaycard.

Who’s it good for?

Anyone debt on a Barclaycard whose priority is accessing the longest time possible (almost three years) in which to pay it off – without paying interest.

Any catches?

After HSBC’s 34-month interest holiday the card’s representative annual percentage rate (APR) shoots up to a whopping 18.9% (variable). This is not unusual though – in fact Barclaycard’s APR is the same.

This means that, with either provider, for every £100 you still owe after 34 months you’ll be charged £18.90!

And the same transfer rules which apply to Barclaycard apply to HSBC too. You won’t be able to transfer debt to the credit card if it sits on another one that is also operated by the HSBC group. This includes Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and First Direct.

Also, if this sounds like the card for you then you need to act fast because we don’t know how long it’ll be available for.

What’s the verdict?

It’s great to see more of a mix in the 0% balance transfer tables and more choice for consumers is always welcome – but this development will only really help you if your debt is already with Barclaycard.

And the reason is simply the fee. With HSBC’s 3.3% charge, you’ll pay £33 for every £1,000 you transfer compared to £29.90 for every £1,000 you transfer to Barclaycard.

If you don’t need the absolute maximum interest-free period to pay down your debts though, your options suddenly expand.

Barclaycard is third in the 0% BT tables too, with its Platinum Credit Card. This deal offers 33 months at 0%, just one month shy of the leaders – but only charges a 2.79% fee.

And the pattern of a lower fee for a shorter 0% duration continues. The Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card for Balance Transfers for example, charges no interest for 25 months for a fee of 1.99%. That’s £19.90 on every £1,000 you transfer.

But Santander has spiced thingswith the launch of a brand new deal which will take some beating. Its 123 credit card now offers 23 months interest-free on both balance transfers and purchases, with no fee whatsoever on balance transfers. So, that means nearly TWO YEARS to pay off your debt without being charged a penny more than what you already owe.

The only catch is its £24 annual fee, though if you are a Santander 123 current account holder this is waived for the first year. You can find out more about this great deal with Laura Howard’s article.

You can play around with different interest-free periods and fees on our balance transfer credit cards page.

5 recent changes to credit cards that could benefit you

Keeping up with the credit card market isn’t something we’d expect you to do in your spare time – which is why we’re here to sift out what you need to know.

5 recent changes to credit cards that could benefit you

These five changes to the market (some surprising) have landed in the past few weeks – and, chances are, at least one of them could benefit your pocket.

1. Nationwide credit card holder? Things have got better

At the start of May, Nationwide surprised us by announcing two separate improvements to its credit cards. Both of them will benefit borrowers over monthly balance-clearers.

Firstly, the provider has scrapped the £12 fee that it used to charge for busting your agreed credit limit. That’s simple enough.

The second change is a little more complicated.

Nationwide said it will no longer charge interest on new purchases made with one of its 0% balance transfer cards (which has debt sitting on it) so long as you pay off the cost of that purchase by the end of the statement month.

Previously, new purchases on BT cards DID incur interest because – even though the debt was sitting on the 0% part of the card – it had never been officially cleared back down to £0.

Take this example:

-You have transferred a debt of £5,000 onto Nationwide’s 26-month 0% balance transfer credit card (which comes with a 2.4% fee)

-You make a new purchase for £100 using that same card (after the initial 3-month 0% offer purchases)

-You pay off that £100 within the statement month (which is more than your minimum monthly payment)

-Previously Nationwide would have charged interest on that £100. Now it won’t.

Nationwide has called for other credit card providers to make the same change but a quick ring-around revealed many – including Virgin, Capital One and Halifax – wouldn’t have charged interest anyway.

2. Got card debt? You’ve now got options

If you have credit card debt which you’ve been meaning to shift onto a 0% balance transfer deal, a new raft of plastic recently launched by Virgin Money could be a welcome trigger.

Among Virgin’s new deals is a 0% balance transfer card which equals Barclaycard in its 36-month 0% duration and 2.99% fee offering. But Virgin’s card comes with the added bonus of offering interest-free cash in your account (also for 36 months) in the form of a money transfer – though the fee for this is higher at 4%.

If you don’t need three years to pay off your debt, Virgin has some new cards with shorter 0% periods which are market-leading. For example, its 34-month 0% balance transfer card with a 2.79% fee or its 26-month 0% balance transfer card with a 1.25% fee. Again, both cards also come with an equivalent 0% money transfer option for the higher charge of 4%.

3. Booking a holiday? New Tesco card best fee-free card for 0% purchases

Finding an extra grand or two for a family holiday is no easy feat. But if you are left with no choice but to put it on a credit card – STOP – and make sure it’s the right one! Tesco has just launched a brand new deal which offers the first 21 months of purchases interest-free.

It’s not as long as Santander’s 23-month 0% purchase card but that one charges an annual fee of £24 a year, whereas Tesco’s plastic is free.

As soon as you’ve made the booking, set up a monthly direct debit which will clear your balance before the 18.9% APR kicks in by spring 2017.

4. No debt and looking for rewards? You should get moving

Reward credit cards which offer something back for your spend such as airline miles, points or shopping vouchers, or even cash, could soon be a thing of the past.

Last month, Capital One announced it was to scrap these perks on its card range completely following new EU restrictions on the profits it can make (it was able to offer the rewards in the first place through charging the retailer a fee every time a customer used the card).

Now these charges have been squeezed, the 5p back for every £1 Capital One customers spent was no longer tenable.

Some say Capital One will trigger the beginning of the end of cashback and rewards cards, so if you’re someone who clears your balance religiously every month, you may as well get yours now. Compare deals here.

5. Just looking for good value flexibility? New low rate cards make it easier

If you just lean on your credit card from time to time, a fee-free card with a consistent low APR is your best bet. And options here have expanded too.

Halifax has just launched a new Low Rate credit card which offer a single representative APR of 6.45% (variable) on both new purchases and balance transfers.  The card is now joint market-leading with Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank.

Now it’s cheaper than EVER to clear big credit card debt

More jostling at the top of the 0% balance transfer credit card tables has resulted in good news for anyone who has a large chunk of debt on plastic to clear.

Budget changes - what we already know

Virgin Money, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Barclaycard all now offer 36 months interest-free on debt transferred to their cards from a different provider. (Note: You can switch debt between Halifax and Bank of Scotland and vice-versa even though they are both part of the same banking group).

Now having hit that all-important three year mark, the latest tactic is to charge less for fees to transfer your balance – and Barclaycard is, once again, leading the charge on the cheapest all-round deal.

What’s the deal?

Barclaycard has edged ahead of the pack by dropping the fee on its Platinum Credit Card with Extended Balance Transfer* from 2.99% to a market-leading 2.49%.

So, transferring a debt of £3,200 (a typical transfer amount we see at MoneySuperMarket) will now cost you £79.68, compared to the previous £95.68.

The same debt transfer would cost £96 at Bank of Scotland*, £92.80 at Halifax* and £80 at Virgin Money which also has a cracking fee of 2.5%.

Who’s it good for?

Barclaycard’s three-year card deal with a low fee is great if you’ve been struggling to pay off expensive credit card debt but keep getting bogged down with interest payments.

And if your balance is already on a Barclaycard, meaning you won’t be able to take advantage of this offer, you can always opt for one of the other 36-month balance transfer cards on offer.

Any catches?

Barclaycard has only committed to the lower 2.49% fee on applications received up until June 1 which gives you around a week to act. If you don’t make it though, there’s no promotional period on Virgin Money’s 2.5% fee which is only a whisker higher than Barclaycard’s.

Barclaycard will also charge an initial fee of 3.5% which will be reduced by way of a refund to the quoted 2.49%.

In order to be accepted by Barclaycard – or indeed any other of these cracking 0% balance transfer offers – you’ll have to have a squeaky-clean credit score. If you’re not confident of yours, click on the ‘Will I get this card?’ button first. This is our Smart Search tool and will show you whether you’d be likely to be accepted without leaving a footprint on your credit file.

If you are shown the green light, you’ll need to make sure you keep on top of repayments to retain the interest-free perk. If you miss a payment you’ll most likely be bumped up to Barclaycard’s representative APR of 18.9% (variable) and this will also put a dent in your credit file.

Finally, while the Barclaycard 36-month deal also offers six months at 0% on purchases, it’s best to avoid using these cards for spending at all.

If you don’t know the shape your credit score is in and your application is rejected, you can damage it even further

What’s the verdict?

With a lower balance transfer rate than any comparable card, the Barclaycard is great if you’ve a sizeable balance you’re looking to pay down.

If you don’t think you’ll need the full three years to pay off the debt however, there could be better options out there that could see you duck out of paying the transfer fee altogether.

Santander’s 123 Credit Card** offers 23 months at 0% on balance transfers and has no transfer fee at all. On the downside it does come with an annual fee of £24 (and representative APR of 16.5% variable) but if you’re looking to shift that £3,200 this would still save you more than £55.

Providers that don’t charge either a balance transfer fee OR annual fee include Tesco Bank* (which offers 18 months 0% on balance transfers), the Post Office* and Halifax*(which both offer 16 months at 0% on balance transfers). All of these cards then jump to representative APRs of 18.9% (variable).

Top Tip!

With an ever-growing range of fees and 0% durations on offer, our clever slider tool is a quick way of finding the best deal for you. Place the first slider to the amount of debt you have and the second to the maximum you can afford to repay each month and it will list your best options.

The tool’s default setting is a £3,200 debt and £100 monthly repayment. If you want to see the 36-month range of options we’ve talked about in this article, you’ll need to adjust the debt amount upwards.

To make sure you get your debt paid off in the allotted time, divide the balance you’re transferring, plus any fees, by the number of interest-free months. Then set up a direct debit from your bank for that amount. This also means you won’t miss a payment and so won’t get penalised.